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    HP 849 Black Ink

    Printer Compatibility List :

    Durable Black – HP TIJ2.5

    Printhead / Cartridge Compatibility List :


    Description :

    PHP-849 is pigment based black ink. It offers high print durability and reliable print-quality performance across porous and semi-porous substrates. It offers excellent rub resistance along with high barcode readability and optical density. This product is suitable for replacement of HP durable black TIJ 2.5 ink.

    Products Offered

    SrProduct DescSpecificationUnit / PackingOrder CodeImage
    1Black - inkPigment Ink1 kg Bottle or 25 Kg CanPHP-849
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    Product Features :

    • Excellent Sharpness
    • High Optical Density
    • Defined Decap Behavior
    • Reliable Jetting Performance
    • Stable & Long Shelf Life

    Additional Specification :

    • Inks Available in 1 kg, 25 kg Packing
    • Custom Packing Available for Bulk & OEM Orders
    • Keep Printer and Inks between 10 – 30 deg Celcius.
    • Shelf Life of 12 Months (Once opened, consume inks within 6 months)
    • Do not Expose to Direct Sunlight.

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    Description :

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