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    Inkjet Engraver Ink For Ricoh Industrial Printheads

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    Splashjet manufactures high density inkjet engraver ink for Screen Engraving application. Our HD black ink for Ricoh Industrial Inkjet Printhead is categorically engineered for impressing a design on a hard surface, to create a perfect match print. Our inks are developed to address economical, superior-quality engraving which is applicable for both flatbed and rotary screen printing.

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    1Dye BlackDye black Engraver ink for Richo Gen5, Gen41 kgDura-jet-Engraver-RH
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    Description :

    Splashjet’s high-density inkjet engraver inks for Ricoh MH5320/5340, MH5421/5441, MH5420/5440, MH2620/2820 and GH2220 have the characteristic feature of high absorption of UV light at the time of screen exposure, hence resultant screens have excellent halftones and good sharpness. These inks are calibrated in sync with the Variable drop volume capability of Ricoh heads which allows printheads to vary the effective drop size, ensuring high productivity & high resolution. The specially developed formulation of the inks facilitates easy to wash off upon the exposure to conserve natural resources.

    We take special efforts to choose high-quality raw material with purity ingredients to offer an ink product that has High optical density, superior run-ability, clog-free nozzles, consistent quality and excellent decap behaviour. Our Inkjet Engraver ink is a perfect balance of Competitive price with good quality.

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