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    DTG Ink for Ricoh Gen5, Gen4 Printhead

    Printer Compatibility List :

    • M&R M-link-X
    • M&R M-link
    • OvalJet DTG
    • Freejet Cheetah Industrial D2
    • Amica TSDX DTG
    • Amica TS1519 DTG
    • Oric DTG
    • DTG with Ricoh Gen5 Print-head

    Printhead / Cartridge Compatibility List :

    • Ricoh MH5320
    • Ricoh MH5340
    • Ricoh MH5421
    • Ricoh MH5441
    • Ricoh MH5420
    • Ricoh MH5440
    • Ricoh Gen5 Print head

    Description :

    Specially developed for industrial DTG, Screen Digital Hybrid printers with Ricoh Gen 5 print-heads, Dura-Jet-DTG-Plus-RH DTG ink offer outstanding print performance in the industrial environment. These inks offer High Color Saturation, Have excellent Wash & Rub Fastness properties. This facilitates printing with fewer passes thereby increasing the throughput of the printers. The inks are suitable with wide range of knitted & woven Cotton, Polyester Cotton, Viscose, Jute fabrics. Fine-tuned to work with the industrial print-heads, these inks help you competitive advantage of top notch performance.

    Products Offered

    SrProduct DescSpecificationUnit / PackingOrder CodeImage
    1DTG Ink For Ricoh PrintheadBlack1 kgDura-Jet-DTG-Plus-RH-K
    2DTG Ink For Ricoh PrintheadCyan1 kgDura-Jet-DTG-Plus-RH-C
    3DTG Ink For Ricoh PrintheadMagenta1 kgDura-Jet-DTG-Plus-RH-M
    4DTG Ink For Ricoh PrintheadYellow1 kgDura-Jet-DTG-Plus-RH-Y
    5DTG Ink For Ricoh PrintheadGreen1 kgDura-Jet-DTG-PlusRH-GR
    6DTG Ink For Ricoh PrintheadOrange1 kgDura-Jet-DTG-Plus-RH-OR
    7DTG Ink For Ricoh PrintheadRed1 kgDura-Jet-DTG-Plus-RH-RD
    8DTG Ink For Ricoh PrintheadViolet-Blue1 kgDura-Jet-DTG-Plus-RH-V/BL
    9DTG Ink For Ricoh PrintheadGray / Light Black1 kgDura-Jet-DTG-Plus-RH-Gy
    10PreTreatment Solution - A Color EnhancerFor Color Improvement1 kgDTex-Pre Treat-A-Color Enhance-(Conc 10X)CLI-Flush-Transfer Ink
    11PreTreatment Solution - B Rub EnhancerFor Washfastness Improvement1 kgDTex-Pre Treat-B-Rub-Enhance-(Conc 10X)CLI-Flush-Transfer Ink
    12Flushing Solution / Cleaning SolutionFor Flushing and Cleaning Ink System1 kgCLI-Flush-Transfer Ink-RH/KMCLI-Flush-Transfer Ink
    13Decap SolutionFor Cleaning station / Decapping - Decap Solution1 kgCLI-DeCap-Capping Cleaning Ink-ClearCLI-Flush-Transfer Ink
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    Product Features :

    • Excellent Color Saturation
    • Reliable Decap Performance
    • Excellent Wash Fastness
    • High Crock Fastness
    • Smooth Hand Feel
    • Suitable for Polyester Cotton Blends

    Additional Specification :

    • Inks Available in 1 kg, 25 kg Packing
    • Custom Packing Available for Bulk & OEM Orders
    • Keep Printer and Inks between 10 – 30 deg Celcius.
    • Shelf Life of 12 Months (Once opened, consume inks within 6 months)
    • Do not Expose to Direct Sunlight.

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    Description :

    Dura-Jet-DTG-Plus-RH is designed with the consideration of key requirements of industrial DTG environment. A high performance binder, supporting higher pigment loads for color saturation, facilitating reliable nozzle performance for continuous printing. Fine tuned for the latest print-heads this ink delivers the results on all fronts.
    These inks work reliably with wide variety of knitted & woven fabrics including Cotton, Polyester-Cotton Blends, Viscose, Hemp, Jute amongst others. It gives you flexibility to explore various fabrics thereby widening the range of services.
    We offer a wide range of supporting fluids to prevent drying of inks on nozzles, to flush the print-heads, pre-treatments for the fabrics, which enhance the ink performance. This prolongs life of costly print-heads and ensure higher uptime of your printer. In addition, these inks are compatible with most of the popular DTG white inks, Under-base, Screen White Inks and the pre-treatments as well. These inks offer a robust value backed by solid performance.

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