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    Sublimation Printing Business – 5 Steps to Get Started

    5 March, 2019

    In this post we’ll be talking about five steps to start your sublimation printing business. As we all know that sublimation printing business is very easy to start. It is basically involved with making product and printing them using the sublimation heat press machine and it’s very easy to do.

    1. Research

    You need to go out in the market and see whether the product that you are trying to make is actually demanded by the people or not. If people are not demanding the product it will be a waste for you to start their business.

    A good way to do it is to show people some of the sublimation printing products that have already been made so that you can tell and ask people that whether they actually would be loving to buy such kind of products or not. This will help you note that what kind of customer base you will get and how much people are actually willing to buy the product or invest into your product.

    Sublimation printing business Research


    Another important thing is the investment you can do into your business and the risk you’re willing to take. Sublimation printing business does not require you to make a large investment and even if it does not involve a huge amount of risk. It’s very easy to start and very easy to do kind of business.

    So if even you are not having huge amount of investment or you’re not willing to take huge amount of risk, you can actually rely upon sublimation business. It’s very easy to do.

    2. Business Plan

    Any business needs a business plan that is for sure. So even in sublimation printing business you would need a business plan. Your business plan will include what products to make, which geographical location you are trying to sell your products and do you want to sell it online or offline or both, what kind of equipment’s you want to buy and how much investment you are willing to involve in it.

    Sublimation printing business Research

    Your business plan will actually give you a view that how your business will look like and how you’re going to work on it and how much profit you are going to make from it.

    3. Procurement and Starting

    Procurement of all the goods all the inputs that we’ll be needing. Procurement of sublimation inputs of sublimation businesses is very easy because this business does not require huge inputs or assets to be built. So procurement is very easy, it just need one machine that is the sublimation heat press machine

    Sublimation printing business Research

    So just to count upon there are a few items that are must-have for the sublimation printing business.

    Sublimation Printer – It is the first of all the inkjet printer which is easily available everywhere then you need. The printer specification and model can be chosen based on the volume of the work planned. We recommend to have two good printers instead of relying on single one. Regular desktop printers with piezo heads such as Epson, Ricoh are more than enough to get the job done.

    Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper – it is a different kind of paper. It’s used to have best quality transfer results with the sublimation process.

    Sublimation Ink – There are lots of sublimation ink suppliers out in the market but they are just master of their words. They say and promise you that they are going to deliver with you the products at very good quality at very good rate but actually, at the end it does not happen.

    Super-Sub SUQ 600 series Dye Sublimation inks are available for various printers such as Epson, Ricoh & Brother. So you can rely on this ink and you can contact us for your sublimation ink related queries. We will be more than willing to help you out.

    Heat Resistant Tape – if you are doing a phone case printing business then you will be needing the phone case flanks, the cooling tool, the moles and the dummies

    Space – Sublimation printing business does not require huge amount of space because it’s very small machine that you just need to put in the corner of your room and you are done with it.

    The Equipment – The rest of the equipment’s or the inputs as we say they can be placed anywhere so it won’t be a tension for you.

    Loans, Finance, Labor – Actually this will come into picture when you are done with basic of your business and you are thinking about expanding it.

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    4. Marketing

    Marketing of the business is the most important part of your business. If you are not good at marketing then your business won’t survive. So you need to do a good amount of marketing for your business. Be it online or offline.

    Sublimation printing business Research

    Online way

    Facebook, nowadays everyone has a Facebook account. Just make a page there and you can just put up your products there, rates of products and obviously people will be coming and talking to you about what’s the price and how much you will be delivering it at and where you will be delivering it. So it’s very easy to line up with your customers they’re.

    WhatsApp, nowadays all of us use WhatsApp, emails. We all do write emails, you can just add your tag line just below all your email.. You also can make websites or blogs where you can write for your sublimation printing business.

    Offline way

    You can go actually to the shops, the small shops that are there in your area. You can just go and tell them. you can ask them to please show your products to whoever customer comes in and you can just give them a small Commission for that so that they are also interested in the entire idea and even you do make good profit out of it.

    Wholesale way

    For wholesale you will obviously need to find out good wholesalers who will be taking your goods and giving it to the right and the good amount of retailers. So wholesale is actually comes into picture when you actually think about growth and expansion of your business.

    5. Growth & Expansion

    Growth and expansion happens when you actually have good employees and good employees come with good training. So one thing you need to think about itself is that training that you’ll be imparting to your employee.

    The other thing is the number of production lines you’re currently having. So right now if you’re just focusing on printing of the mobile cases and covers you can think about expanding it to fabrics of printing to cushion covers and t-shirts. You also can think about going to the ceramic items for example slaw tiles and photo frames and plates even. So you can print them up and people be more than willing to buy it.

    Sublimation printing business Research

    The most important thing which will help in growth and expansion is the meet-ups of the start-ups. Now every city does hold these meet-ups of the start-ups, where you can go and meet other people who are into the same line as you are working. So you can go out and reach out to them, why because first of all you can promote your business there.

    Secondly you can meet other people who are also into your business and third you can actually get the answers to all the queries, any problems you are facing into your business and you don’t know from where to get the answers to you can get those answers from those people. So try to attend these meet-ups of the start-ups because they will surely help you in growth an expansion of your business.


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