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    Selecting Right Ink for Your Inkjet Printer

    1 September, 2020

    With growing popularity of inkjet printers, you might have heard about Dye Inks & Pigment Inks. We will understand about another special type of ink i.e. Sublimation Inks at the end of this article. It becomes difficult for one to decide which type of ink suits for what purpose. Let’s understand about these inks and where to use them.

    First of all, let’s understand briefly about chemistry of these inks. Dye Inks are made from Dye Colorants. They are ultra-fine particles of colors which dissolve completely in water. Dye based inks will appear like clear solution. Pigment inks are large particles of colors which don’t dissolve in water. Pigment particles are held suspended in the ink with the help of a specialized technology.

    Dye based inks are suitable for general document printing applications. They are also excellent choice for amateur photo printing. These inks are also suitable for indoor short life graphic arts applications such as event banners, exhibition posters etc. Dye based inks offer vivid colors and reproduce colors accurately. In general Dye inks have longer stability and shelf life.

    Pigment based inks are ideal for printing business documents. Prints are water fast even on plain papers. Pigment inks are also highly popular for professional photo printing, indoor signage and posters. Excellent fade resistance of the pigment inks make them ideal choice for printing ID Cards. Prints of pigment inks are highly sharp with no inter-color bleeding. Advanced pigment inks have good color gamut, high color vibrancy as well. Pigment inks have slightly less shelf life compared to the dye based inks.

    We hope now you know which type of ink to select for your printer. There are some printers, which offer a combination ink set of Pigment & Dye. In these printers, the black ink is pigment based. Cyan, Magenta & Yellow inks are dye based. When you print the document, pigment black is used. When you print the photos, dye based ink is used. Black ink for photos is generated by mixing C, M & Y. These type of the printers offer benefits of both the ink types. Canon Pixma G series Ink Tank printers, Epson Ecotank L4150, L6150 series printers are the few examples of such printers.

    This brings us to Sublimation ink. This is a special type of dye based ink which has nature similar to pigment inks. These dyes have a special property to turn into color vapor when heated. When we print with these inks and heat the paper with a special equipment; these color vapors can be transferred to polyester fabrics or coated substrates such as mugs, mobile covers, key-chains, photo frames etc. These inks are used only for personalized gift business. You can learn more about Sublimation Inks in our blog HERE.

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