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    Compatible Epson P7000 Ink & Epson P9000 Ink – Ink for Epson P7000 & Epson P9000 Ink Cartridges

    Printer Compatibility List :

    • Epson SureColor P7000
    • Epson SureColor P9000

    Printhead / Cartridge Compatibility List :

    • Epson T769 ink cartridge
    • Epson T768 ink cartridge

    Description :

    Splashjet print Technologies manufactures high-quality compatible Epson P7000 Ink, Epson P9000 Ink for Epson SureColor SC-P7000, P9000, P7080 and P9080 Photo Graphic/Proofing Inkjet Printer. These Epson SureColor P series printer are 11 ink (Cyan, Light Cyan, Vivid Magenta, Vivid Light Magenta, Yellow, Orange, Green, Light Black, Light Light Black, Photo Black, Matte Black, Violet) and 10 color Pigment-based ink types printer with ink configuration as Light light black color in standard edition and Violet color in commercial edition. These printer uses (T834)150-ml, (T824) 350-ml and (T804)700-ml replacement ink cartridges.

    These pigment-based Epson P7000 ink, Epson P9000 ink deliver outstanding print performance with extreme clarity and color accuracy results. Meeting the high-speed printing needs of these Photo Graphic/Proofing Inkjet Printers. The ink offers excellent photographic print results with no inter-color bleeding making it the best compatible ink in the professional printing industry.

    Products Offered

    SrProduct DescSpecificationUnit / PackingOrder CodeImage
    1Ink - Matte BlackPigment Ink1 kg Bottle or 25 Kg CanEPP-7000-Pigment-Ink-Mbk
    2Ink - Photo BlackPigment Ink1 kg Bottle or 25 Kg CanEPP-7000-Pigment-Ink-Pk
    3Ink - CyanPigment Ink1 kg Bottle or 25 Kg CanEPP-7000-Pigment-Ink-C
    4Ink - MagentaPigment Ink1 kg Bottle or 25 Kg CanEPP-7000-Pigment-Ink-M
    5Ink - YellowPigment Ink1 kg Bottle or 25 Kg CanEPP-7000-Pigment-Ink-Y
    6Ink - Light CyanPigment Ink1 kg Bottle or 25 Kg CanEPP-7000-Pigment-Ink-LC
    7Ink - Light MagentaPigment Ink1 kg Bottle or 25 Kg CanEPP-7000-Pigment-Ink-LM
    8Ink - Light BlackPigment Ink1 kg Bottle or 25 Kg CanEPP-7000-Pigment-Ink-LKGloss_Optimiser
    9Ink - Light Light BlackPigment Ink1 kg Bottle or 25 Kg CanEPP-7000-Pigment-Ink-LLK
    10Ink - GreenPigment Ink1 kg Bottle or 25 Kg CanEPP-7000-Pigment-Ink-Gn
    11Ink - OrangePigment Ink1 kg Bottle or 25 Kg CanEPP-7000-Pigment-Ink-Or
    12Refillable Cartridge without chipEmpty without chip1 pcs x 11Ref-Cart-EP-P6000/P9000-700ml-Without-Chiprefillable-<br />
<br />
    13One Time Chip - Matte BlackOne Time Chip Color Specific1 pcsChip-EP-P7000/P6000-One-Time-Mbkchip_9900_P9000
    14One Time Chip - Photo BlackOne Time Chip Color Specific1 pcsChip-EP-P7000/P6000-One-Time-Pkchip_9900_P9000
    15One Time Chip - CyanOne Time Chip Color Specific1 pcsChip-EP-P7000/P6000-One-Time-Cchip_9900_P9000
    16One Time Chip - MagentaOne Time Chip Color Specific1 pcsChip-EP-P7000/P6000-One-Time-Mchip_9900_P9000
    17One Time Chip - YellowOne Time Chip Color Specific1 pcsChip-EP-P7000/P6000-One-Time-Ychip_9900_P9000
    18One Time Chip - Light CyanOne Time Chip Color Specific1 pcsChip-EP-P7000/P6000-One-Time-LCchip_9900_P9000
    19One Time Chip - Light MagentaOne Time Chip Color Specific1 pcsChip-EP-P7000/P6000-One-Time-LMchip_9900_P9000
    20One Time Chip - Light BlackOne Time Chip Color Specific1 pcsChip-EP-P7000/P6000-One-Time-LKchip_9900_P9000
    21One Time Chip - Light Light BlackOne Time Chip Color Specific1 pcsChip-EP-P7000/P6000-One-Time-LLKchip_9900_P9000
    22One Time Chip - Green* (Coming soon)Color Specific (Coming soon)1 pcsChip-EP-P7000-One-Time-Gnchip_9900_P9000
    23One Time Chip - Orange* (Coming soon)Color Specific (Coming soon)1 pcsChip-EP-P7000-One-Time-Orchip_9900_P9000
    24Maintanance Tank Chip (2 pcs for P9000)Maintanance Tank Chip (2 pcs for P9000)1 pcs x 2Chip-EP-P7000/P6000-One-Time-Maintanance-tankchip_9900_P9000
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    Product Features :

    • High Performance Pigment Ink
    • Excellent Fade Resistance
    • Good Print Sharpness and No Intercolor Bleeding
    • Consistant and Reliability Nozzle Performance
    • Consistent and Reliable Quality
    • High Purity Ingredients Used for Long Print-head Life

    Additional Specification :

    • Inks Available in 1 kg, 25 kg Packing
    • Custom Packing Available for Bulk & OEM Orders
    • Keep Printer and Inks between 10 – 30 deg Celcius.
    • Shelf Life of 18 Months (Once opened, consume inks within 6 months)
    • Do not Expose to Direct Sunlight.
    • Recommended to install all color inks at the same time.

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    Description :

    Splashjet offers easy to install ink solution for Epson SureColor SC-P series printers. The Premium grade pigment inks are specially engineered to work in hand with the Epson PrecisionCore® TFP® print head Technology. Chemical composition of the inks are the same as OEM inks in order to attain same level of print performance.

    Being into the manufacturing of Premium grade products we use the finest raw material with extremely low salt content to ensure long printhead life. Splashjet manufactured Epson SureColor P7000 ink and Epson SureColor P9000 ink are tested on different media types ensuring quality outputs with fine blends. Splashjet ink has excellent storage stability offering a long shelf life to the products. For more information about storage conditions please refer to the product literature. We are serving our esteemed customers all over the world. To know more about our company and the products, Contact us.

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