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    Compatible HP 72 Ink | Ink for HP 72 Ink Cartridge | HP T790 Ink | HP T795 Ink

    Printer Compatibility List :

    • HP Designjet T610
    • HP Designjet T620
    • HP Designjet T770
    • HP Designjet T790
    • HP Designjet T795

    Printhead / Cartridge Compatibility List :

    • HP 72 ink cartridge

    Description :

    Splashjet ink Solution for HP 72 ink cartridges comes with Premium quality Dye (C, M, Y, PK and Gy) and Pigment Ink (Mk) with 130 ml Refillable cartridges and auto-reset chip to assure continuous printing.

    These ink offer high-resolution print performance on a wide range of uncoated and coated inkjet media. The ink ensures high sharpness prints with no inter-color mixing of one color into another. Splashjet compatible HP 72 ink, HP T770 Ink, HP T790 Ink, HP T795 Ink for HP Designjet 72 Ink cartridge ensure closely matching ink calibration to the HP genuine ink specifications which ensure that the inks offer similar print performance as that of the HP inks. To maintain quality, we take special efforts to use only high purity Inkjet grade ingredients with extremely low salt content impurities to assure high print-head performance with chemical properties of the inks closely matching the HP original ink.

    All this ensures that our inks deliver highly reliable print head life as that of the OEM inks. The ink is suitable for a wide variety of applications such as CAD printing, plotting, Graphic Art printing. The ink fulfill all desired requirements of these printing applications.

    Products Offered

    SrProduct DescSpecificationUnit / PackingOrder CodeImage  
    1Ink - Matte BlackPigment Ink1 kgPHP-Premia-Pigment Ink-MBK
    2Ink - CyanDye Ink1 kgHPD-610-Dye Ink-C
    3Ink - MagentaDye Ink1 kgHPD-610-Dye Ink-M
    4Ink - YellowDye Ink1 kgHPD-610-Dye Ink-Y
    5Ink - Photo BlackDye Ink1 kgHPD-610-Dye Ink-Pk
    6Ink - GrayDye Ink1 kgHPD-610-Dye Ink-Gy
    7Empty Refillable Cartridge130 ml Capacity - without Chip6 PcsCart-HP-130ml-Without-ChipHP_130ml-refill-ink-cartridge
    8Chip for HP 72 cartridge - Matte BlackReset Type Chip1 PcsChip-HP-72-T610-ARC-MBKHP_LFP_Chip
    9Chip for HP 72 cartridge - Photo BlackReset Type Chip1 PcsChip-HP-72-T610-ARC-PBKHP_LFP_Chip
    10Chip for HP 72 cartridge - CyanReset Type Chip1 PcsChip-HP-72-T610-ARC-CHP_LFP_Chip
    11Chip for HP 72 cartridge - MagentaReset Type Chip1 PcsChip-HP-72-T610-ARC-MHP_LFP_Chip
    12Chip for HP 72 cartridge - YellowReset Type Chip1 PcsChip-HP-72-T610-ARC-YHP_LFP_Chip
    13Chip for HP 72 cartridge - GrayReset Type Chip1 PcsChip-HP-72-T610-ARC-GyHP_LFP_Chip
    14Prime toolFor Filling ink into Print-head1 PcsPrime-Tool–For-H70/72/88HP_LFP_Priming_Tool
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    Product Features :

    • Good Print Sharpness
    • No Inter-color Bleeding
    • Wide Color Gamut
    • Excellent Light & Ozone Fade Resistance
    • Long Print-head Life
    • Reliable Head Decap Performance

    Additional Specification :

    • Inks Available in 1 kg, 25 kg Packing
    • Custom Packing Available for Bulk & OEM Orders
    • Keep Printer and Inks between 10 – 30 deg Celsius.
    • Shelf Life of 18 Months (Once opened, consume inks within 6 months)
    • Do not Expose to Direct Sunlight.
    • Recommended to install all color inks at the same time.

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    Description :

    Splashjet provides reliable compatible ink solution for HP Designjet T610, HP Designjet T620, HP Designjet T770, HP DesignJet T790, HP Designjet T795 printers. These HP Designjet plotters with HP 72 Printhead cartridges use pigment Matte Black ink and dye-based Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, photo black, and gray color inks. These printers use OEM HP 72 C9384A (Black/yellow), C9383A (magenta/cyan), C9380A (Gray/Photo black) printhead cartridges. Splashjet manufactures ink with closely matching printing performance as that of the HP original ink to ensure a similar level of printer and media performance which makes Splashjet compatible inks the ultimate choice.

    Splashjet HP 72 Ink offers long shelf life when stored at ambient temperatures. Kindly refer to the product literature for specific guidance on storage conditions. To know about the nearest dealer, kindly get in touch with us. We are shipping worldwide to serve our customers with the best quality ink.

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