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    Inkjet Ink Manufacturing Company | Digital Printing Ink Manufacturer - Splashjet

    Splashjet has a modern manufacturing plant for the inkjet inks. The plant has built up capabilities for ink manufacturing, colorant purification, integrated quality control and repackaging set up.

    Colorant Purification

    Dyes constitute an important part of large number of inkjet inks. Due to chemical nature and complex manufacturing process, dyes are prone to contain impurities which are detrimental for inkjet print-heads. Impurities in the dyes affect the life of print-heads & quality of print. We have developed purification capabilities for a wide range of dyes based on their chemical nature. Various processes such as ultra-filtration and Reverse Osmosis are used to remove the unwanted impurities from the dyes. This enables us make inks that are as friendly with the print-heads as that of the OEM inks. That’s the secret of long head life when you use Splashjet inks.


    Dispersion Technology

    It has been a while since inkjet deals with nano-sized colorant particles. Creating stable and reliable pigment dispersions has always been a challenging process. Faster printers, higher jetting frequencies and smaller droplet capacities of the latest inkjet print-heads demand highly stable and narrow width pigment dispersions. Constant push towards higher colorant concentrations and low viscosity is a challenge. At Splashjet have a capable team and infrastructure for making highly stable dispersions.

    Application Performance

    All inkjet inks are expected to deliver application specific print performance. We focus on the performance requirements, right at the colorant selection stage itself. Right colorants are chosen for the inks. Formulations with specialty additives are verified for the suitability. Rigorous tests are conducted to ensure compatibility with the print head and print systems. Finally an in house lab tests the product for suitability with the application. That’s how Splashjet inks deliver the quality performance.


    Inkjet Knowledge

    At Splashjet we have a team that understands every aspect of inkjet ink. Right from the selection of the colorants to the end application requirements; all attributes of the inks are looked into. The inks are designed with all these considerations to ensure high reliability. These competencies also enable us to deliver the inks that offer excellent performance at a very optimum value. We also undertake custom ink development projects to develop application specific inks.