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    Sublimation Ink for Desktop Printer

    We Manufacture sublimation ink for Epson printer, sublimation ink for brother printer, and Ricoh Sawgrass sublimation ink. We specialize in making printer-specific sublimation inks for Epson, Brother and Ricoh Sawgrass sublimation desktop printers. Splashjet SuperSub range of inks offers Vivid Colors with Dark Black Prints, High color strength, excellent sharpness, refined color regeneration, and smooth printer performance are the key features of these Inks. These dye sublimation inks work with quick dry as well as slow dry high release sublimation transfer papers. The inks are crafted to effect a gradual and sharp release of the Colors offering highly sharp transfers. These sublimation inks work with a wide range of printing applications from polyester T-shirts printing to sublimation transfer printed personalized gift items and products.

    Key Features of Our Sublimation Printing Ink:

    • Photo Quality Transfer Results
    • Long & Reliable Print-head Life
    • Vibrant Colors and Dark Black Transfers
    • Compatibility with a variety of Transfer Media

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      How to Install ICC profile for Sublimation Printing on CorelDRAW & Adobe Photoshop

      For use with CoralDRAW

      For use with PhotoShop

      If you don’t have the ICC profile with you, please Download Here