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    Ink for Brother Ink Tank Printers

    Splashjet offers compatible ink for use with Brother ink tank printers. These ink are tuned closely to original ink to facilitate same level of user experience. Consistent print quality & reliable print-head performance. These ink are plug and play with the latest range of Ink Tank printers, making ink change simple.

    Key Features of Ink for Brother Ink Tank Printers:

    • Vivid Color Performance
    • Sharp & Defined Prints
    • Long Print-head Life
    • Convenient Packaging
    • Plug & Play

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      High purity dyes and pigment colorants are used to make ink with same characteristics as that of the original inks. The ink are packaged into user friendly bottles that further facilitate use of the ink.

      The ink are perfect fit for all applications such as printing home documents, business documents, photos for home and work use.