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    Why the Ink You Choose Matters

    14 July, 2018

    Choosing the correct ink for the printer is theoretically is the easy task, but practically it is not stated worthy. Let’s understand the ink for inkjet printers. All inkjet printers are application specified and that depends on the technology used.

    Not all printers are manufactured to work with the same type of inks. When you are using compatible printer ink and you refill cartridges or tanks, mixes with previous inks. This mistakenly mixing gives poor results in printouts and also sometimes damage to your devices.

    Why Splashjet compatible printer ink

    There are some difficulties to choose the correct inks according to the application. There are some parameters which you can say the selected printer ink is correct. The following are ink properties elaborated which help you to choose the correct inkjet inks.

    1. Fade Resistance and Ozone Resistance: This will be monitored for print life. The printed image becomes dull in appearance after the considerable time span. Good ink supports good print life without becoming fade. The inks containing high-quality colorants gives the results for fade resistance and ozone fastness.

    2. Colorant Dyes matching: You can relate this property with accurate color matching and wide color gamut. If ink manufactured with improper purification the colorants does not properly dissolve as required. The drop of ink may retain inside the nozzles or may continue to flow. This leads to the reduction in print-head life.

    3. Particle Size and Distribution: The stability of ink depends on the particle size. The ink is a chemical made under controlled conditions, but still, as a chemical, the chemical reactions undergoes inside the fluid. This causes the instability in ink i.e. losing or assembling the free molecules. To avoid this, molecular size would be fine, hence we can get the long storage capability. This can be achieved by grinding the pigment particles up to Nano size for the ultra-fine nozzles.

    4. Chromatically Matching Colorants: Once you switch to compatible inks, your expectations demands the matching colors to OEM inks. The spectral density would be monitored to match the colors in print match to OEM inks.

    5. Colorant Consistency: The raw material may get change sometimes, the pre-testing is required to check consistency in ink. There should not be variations in batches. Once the raw material is fixed, asked for the same supplier for the next batch.

    6. Ingredient Chemicals: Ink as a chemical solution, the various chemical agent to be added. The addition of chemical agents required to meet different physical parameters like pH, Surface tension, viscosity etc. Good quality chemical improves the print-head life, long performance, and stability.

    7. Absolute Filtration: Again this parameter deals with the particle size, the particle size is pre-defined. The particle size directly affects to print-head, so ultrafiltration at various stages is needed in manufacturing ink industry.

    8. Specific Ink formulation: Every ink can work for every printer. OEM inks are manufactured considering the print-head technology, printer specifications and application of printer too. Special ink formulation is required to match OEM ink for the respective printer.

    9. Advanced Chemistry: Essentially, compatible ink needs continue R & D process to achieve the stability, material compatibility. The ink should be tested for physical as well as chemical properties so that the consumer should get the good result, shelf life.

    10. Quality Control: This involves the consistency in color strengths, variations in chemical properties, actual testing on printers etc.

    Every time you choose the correct printer ink you should monitor some of the attributes explained above.

    At Splashjet we take care of these attributes to make the right inkjet ink for you, be it the desktop printer bulk ink, compatible plotter ink or high-performance sublimation ink. Right at the ink design stage, all key attributes of the inkjet inks i.e. media performance, print-head performance, and stability are considered for right raw material selection. High quality and specific ingredients are backed by precise formulations which fulfill demanding application requirements.

    With Splashjet inks you have the assurance of performance. Visit us at www.splashjet-ink.com to know about the range of the products we offer. Or write to us at info@splashjet-ink.com or reach us at +91-922-322-4016 to know how we can be of help.

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