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    Photo Labs – For Noritsu Ink Cartridge, Epson Surelab Ink Cartridge

    A range of high quality inks for use with professional photo printers. These inks offer an excellent replacement for the OEM inks. The inks are designed with closely matching specifications to that of the OEM inks. The inks are tuned to offer excellent color reproduction due to wide color gamut.

    Key Features of Inks for Photo Labs:

    • Highly Gradient & Smooth Tonal Accuracy

    • Excellent print-head life due to High Purity ingredients

    • Wide Color Gamut for Excellent Color Reproduction.


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      The inks offer highly reliable head performance with excellent nozzle uptime and decap performance. These inks are available for a wide range of popular photolab machines such as Noritsu QSS series, Fujifilm Frontier series & Epson SureLab series.