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    Corrugated Box Printing Ink

    There is increasing adoption of inkjet technology to offer customized packaging options. Splashjet works closely with machine integrators to develop inks. Splashjet has wide array of pigment colorants which offer enhanced print density on uncoated media. Various performance additives are used to ensure that inks perform to the expectations of demanding industrial applications.

    Features of Corrugated Box Printing Ink:-

    • Enhanced Color Depth for Vibrant Prints
    • Reliable Print Performance with Sharpness, No Intercolor Bleeding
    • Assured Print Durability High Light Fastness & Water Fastness
    • Print Head Reliability - Consistent Jetting at High Print Speeds, Predictable Decap Performance, High Nozzle Uptime

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      The inks are designed to offer highly defined prints with no intercolor bleeding. Pigment based inks ensure that prints are water resistant on uncoated media. In addition, custom designed inks perform reliably with various industrial print-heads such as Epson, Ricoh, Seiko, Panasonic, Konica Minolta & Fuji Dimatix.