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    Compatible Epson F570 Ink | Sublimation Ink for Epson F570 Printer

    Printer Compatibility List :

    Epson F570, F500, F530, F100, F170

    Printhead / Cartridge Compatibility List :

    T49M / T49P / T49N

    Description :

    Splashjet offers premium quality Dye-sublimation ink for Epson F570 Dye-Sublimation Printer. Our SuperSub range of Compatible Epson F570 ink is crafted to provide sharp and smooth transfers with finest details in the prints. Epson F570 are the new generation dye-sublimation printer for fast, efficient and smooth sublimation printing jobs. Our Compatible Epson F570 Ink is designed in line with the printhead specification of these dye-sublimation printer offering excellent prints with crisp and smooth transfers. The raw material used for the development of our Epson F570 sublimation ink are one of finest quality offering long head life with no clogging. With our premium dye Sublimation ink for Epson you will Experience a fine balance of quality & performance.

    Products Offered

    SrProduct DescSpecificationUnit / PackingOrder CodeImage
    1Ink - BlackSublimation ink for Epson140 GmsTX-SUB-EP-SUQ-F530-BkSublimation ink for Epson f570 black
    2Ink - CyanSublimation ink for Epson140 GmsTX-SUB-EP-SUQ-F530-CSublimation ink for Epson f570 cyan
    3Ink - MagentaSublimation ink for Epson140 GmsTX-SUB-EP-SUQ-F530-MSublimation ink for Epson f570 magenta
    4Ink - YellowSublimation ink for Epson140 GmsTX-SUB-EP-SUQ-F530-YSublimation ink for Epson f570 yellow
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    Product Features :

    • Vivid Color Transfers
    • Excellent Print Performance
    • Deep Dark Blacks
    • Crisp and smooth transfers
    • Wide media compatibility
    • No nozzle Clogging
    • Long printhead life
    • Worry-free printer performance

    Additional Specification :

    • Inks Available in 140gm, 1 kg, 25 kg Packing
    • Custom Packing Available for Bulk & OEM Orders
    • Keep Printer and Inks between 10 – 30 deg Celsius.
    • Shelf Life of 12 Months (Once opened, consume inks within 6 months)
    • Do not Expose to Direct Sunlight.
    • Recommended to install all color inks at the same time.

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    Description :

    Splashjet offer compatible Epson F570 sublimation ink in 140gm bottles with Ecotank caps same as OEM making it easy & convenient for our valued customers to connect with tank and refill smoothly.

    Our Dye sublimation ink work precisely with all types of sublimation substrates Mugs, Mouse Pads, Coasters, Placemats, Ceramic, Glass Tiles, Ceramic Plates, Bags, Puzzles, Clocks, Coasters, Cushion Covers, etc. The inks are suitable for use with the wide variety of sublimation transfer papers of various GSM available in the market.

    We offer sublimation inks for Epson SC-F530, Epson SC-F531, Epson SC-F571 and Epson SC-F500, Epson SC-F501 as well. Splashjet is a leading manufacturer of Premium quality digital inkjet inks. The Inks are also available in 1Kg and 25 Kg Bulk packaging. Please contact us to know more on the availability of our inks in your region.

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