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    Digital Decor Inks

    Splashjet offers D’Fine, a select range of high performance pigment inks for Digital Décor applications. The inks are purpose built for decorative laminates, wall papers, floor coverings and wall coverings. D’Fine inks are built with water based pigment chemistry offering easy adaption into increasingly stringent industry standards regarding use of hazardous chemicals. Careful composition of the ink set ensures compatibility with downstream resin curing process of the printed sheets.

    Features of D’Fine Pigment Inks
    • Water based Pigment Inks
    • High Fade Resistant Pigments
    • HPL Resin Curing Process Compatible Ink Set – No Color Migration in Process
    • Facilitates Reproduction of Natural Wood Tones – For Accurate Color Reproduction
    • Wide Compatibility with Digital Décor Media
    • Custom Spot & Process Colors available

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      Careful selection of pigment colorants and strength of pigment colorants enables accurate reproduction of natural wood tones.

      The inks offer excellent jet-ability and run-ability for industrial production environment. Specific ink formulations with low, medium or high viscosity and commensurate properties are available for use with the respective industrial inkjet print-heads.

      The inks are available for all popular industrial inkjet print-heads offered by Epson, Ricoh, Seiko, Panasonic, Konica Minolta, Fuji Dimatix and Kyocera.