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    Splashjet manufactures premium quality compatible Bulk inks for HP Printers. These inks are specially formulated to work in Calibration with the Thermal Ink technology. We provide Specific inks that are available to ensure compatibility with the desired HP Ink Cartridge. Splashjet Bulk Ink for HP is tested on a wide variety of media to achieve the same level of print performance. These Bulk Inks for HP Printers provide outstanding print performance with extreme clarity and color accuracy grades meeting the high-speed printing needs of these Inkjet Printers. The chemical composition of the inks is same as OEM inks in order to attain some level of print performance. Being into the manufacturing of Premium grade products we use the finest raw material with extremely low salt content to ensure long printhead life.

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    Splashjet Bulk ink For HP Printers offers long printhead life with clog-free nozzles. Our Bulk Ink for HP printers has a long shelf life when stored at accurate temperature conditions. We Are Serving Customers All Over The World. To Know More About Our Company and Products Please feel free to Contact Us.

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