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    Ink for Inkjet Positive Film

    Splashjet offers specially developed HD Black pigment ink for use with inkjet positive films. A special formulation of this ink ensures high UV transmission density necessary for proper exposure of the screen. Smooth gradations, excellent halftones and high sharpness are hallmark features of the HD Black pigment ink offered by us.

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      Splashjet ink for inkjet positive film is compatible with all Epson small format and large format printers. The ink works with all popular inkjet film positive media available globally. We strongly recommend the use of professional RIP software for film printing to ensure the best quality results. For further assistance refer our product literature or get in touch with our sales representative.

      Splashjet provides HD Black Pigment Ink for printers with Epson DX4, DX5, DX7 Print-heads for positive films.