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    Ink For Inkjet Screen Engraver – High Density Black Ink

    Splashjet has developed special high-density black ink for Inkjet Screen Engraver. The inks are suitable for use with both rotary as well as flatbed engravers. These inks have a high absorption of UV light at the time of exposure. Hence resultant screens have excellent halftones and good sharpness. The inks facilitate easy to wash off upon the exposure to conserve natural resources.

    Key features of Ink For Inkjet Screen Engraver:

    • Specially formulated for Screen Engraving application
    • Provides good absorption in UV range – Good Curing
    • High Purity Dyes to give Long Printhead life
    • Excellent Sharpness
    • Robust Nozzle Performance

    Regular black ink is optimized for photo and document applications and may not give perfect results for the Inkjet engraving application. We have an optimized range of Ink for Inkjet screen Engraver offering optimum density and consistency.

    Splashjet inkjet engraver ink is available for both Piezoelectric and thermal printheads. The inks are available right from low-end thermal engravers of Encad Novajet to high-end engravers of CST, Zund, Ichinose, Atex, Atexco. We offer engraver inks for Epson Dx2, Dx4, Dx5 heads and industrial KM 512i heads as well. Please Get in touch with us for more information.