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    Digital Textile Pigment Ink – Textile Roll Application

    Dura-Jet DTex is the range of digital textile printing ink. Owing to ease of fixation and environment-friendly process to print on natural fibers, textile pigment inks have growing acceptance. Dura-Jet DTex Roll range ink is fine-tuned to work for a roll to roll digital textile printing applications. This textile pigment ink offers a unique blend of print-head friendliness and fabric performance.

    Key Features of Digital Textile Pigment Ink:

    • Consistent & Reliable jet-ability
    • Clog Free Print-heads & Excellent Decap Performance
    • Advanced Polymer Binder Chemistry for Crock & Wash performance

    Recommended Fabrics:

    • Cotton, Poly-Cotton, Polyester, Viscose, Jute, Cotton Blends

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      With superior jet-ability of water based pigment ink, you can have uninterrupted print runs for maximum productivity. Printed fabrics have outstanding colors, a very good wash and rub fastness performance consistent with industry standards.

      Due to exceptional nozzle performance, small start-up time, easy nozzle recovery & long print head life helps you save valuable time and money on costly print-head replacements. These inks are available with specific formulations for industrial print-heads of Ricoh Gen 5, Fuji Dimatix Starfire, KM 512i & 1024i along with the popular Epson DX5, DX7 & 5113 print-heads.

      DuraJet DTex pigment ink for Epson printers has been widely accepted in the garment, apparels, home décor, and furnishing industry.

      We also offer a variety of pre-treatment liquids for coating of fabric before printing. This pre-coating enhances color reproduction by holding more color on top of the fabric. We also offer rub enhancing pre-coating liquids for digital textile printing application. For more details, please refer product data sheet.