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    Digital Textile Ink

    Splashjet offers a select range of high performance inks for digital textile printing inks suitable for use with all popular industrial inkjet print-heads. These inks offer enhanced Color Performance & Reliable Fastness properties giving you competitive edge.

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    LFP Plotter Ink

    We offer third party replacement inks for HP, Epson & Canon Large Format Plotters. Consistent Quality, Reliable Performance and Robust Value Proposition are unique features of Splashjet LFP Plotter Ink range.

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    Desktop Printer Ink

    A wide range of compatible inks for Epson, Canon, Brother & HP inkjet printers is offered by Splashjet. The inks are made to offer a very similar quality experience as that of original inks while being offered at excellent value.

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    Industrial Inkjet Ink

    Our portfolio of industrial inkjet inks comprises inks for wide range of applications. Application specific inks ensure reliable performance of the product. We have various water based inks suitable for Coding, Positive Films, Digital Décor, Labels, Corrugated Box printing.

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    About Us

    最新澳洲幸运5官网开奖结果app Welcome to Splashjet

    Splashjet is a leading manufacturer of quality Inkjet Ink offering range of products like Digital Textile Ink, Plotter Ink, Bulk Inkjet Ink, Sublimation Ink, DTG Ink for a variety of Inkjet printing applications. Driven by a deep passion for inkjet technology, Splashjet specialises in offering a wide range of inkjet inks based on water-based chemistry.

    The diligent approach towards ink design, application specific performance assurance, state of the art product development laboratory and robust manufacturing process differentiates Splashjet as a quality Inkjet ink manufacturer.

    Why splashjet ink ?


    Specialists in Water-Based Inkjet Inks

    State-of-the-Art Design and manufacturing processes for high performance application-based and printer-specific inks formulated for Reliability and Consistency.


    Solution-Centric Quality Approach

    Stringent Quality Parameters monitored throughout by well-developed application testing labs focus on developing application-specific ink solutions


    OEM Partnership and Contract Manufacturing

    Globally trusted OEM partner for custom product development and manufacturing. Strategic partnerships for joint product development.

    we work with passion to make our product best

    Splashjet is committed to honoring the customer’s trust put in our inkjet ink and always deliver with the promise of Reliability, Quality, and Performance!

    15 YEARS


    Established in 2006, Splashjet is extensively involved in inkjet technology and its applications. Splashjet inks are widely used in Desktop Printing, Graphic Arts, Decor, Digital Textile, Printing and Packaging industries.

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